We Live Here Too

I'm giving away about 5-6 free art prints per week of local plants and wildlife, with their names, at various locations around Fort Lauderdale. Sometimes I offer them to people personally, and other times I leave them for residents and visitors to find. They might be left in a shop, attached to a fence, or any other random place.

My intention is to draw at least 50 different plants and creatures, and to give away at least 300 prints by fall of 2023.

For updated locations of prints to find, please check my Instagram account @zone10b.art, and if you find one, please post a photo with the hashtags #zone10bwildlife and #weliveheretoo

The drawings are also available for sale here as greeting cards and prints.

For the period of October 2022-September 2023, this project is made possible with support from the Broward County Cultural Division